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Galt Strategies is a consulting firm that was established to come alongside owners and companies to overcome challenges that are limiting them from reaching their full potential. Galt has over 20 years of hyper growth experience and provides tailored growth strategies for each client they work with while creating a life giving and purpose driven culture.


Peter Zazzaro

Owner | Seacrest Water

To Whom it may concern, I had the pleasure of meeting Michael Bodnar and the Galt team of professionals in October of 2019. My company was doing ok but I wanted to see some real sales growth in a short time. After seeing what the Galt process had to offer I was convinced it was the right fit for me and my business. A few months later we had our initial launch using the new Galt process. A team came to my office to oversee the launch including water testers. We got off to an amazing start and for the next few months we grew the company like never before! When the Corona Pandemic hit along with a personal life issue, I was not able to continue with the Galt system. Although we had a signed agreement, Michael was very understanding and worked with me to come to a mutually acceptable termination agreement. Michael is a professional and more importantly, understands that life is not always perfect. I recommend Michael and the Galt process to any business which wants a proven system and a team of professionals to back it up.

Pest Control Owner

They are ethical

  • Galt held back fees to promote company growth. Galt has the owner’s best interests at heart. Galt became a part of my company.

They are hands on

  • Galt works with your company on a daily basis & in every area of your company to implement processes. They don’t just hand you a report.

Riding with techs

  • Working in every department


  • Galt Partnered with me and built a relationship


  • Galt Mentored myself and upper management


  • Each month one job is completed free of charge as an act of charity.

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