Google Places Marketing and Consulting Strategy Drives Free Traffic

How would you like a free tool that drives more local traffic? When ranked in the top three keyword positions, your Google Places page delivers as much as half the clicks as a PPC campaign—at no cost. To enjoy this powerful, free marketing tool, the page must meet certain strategic specs. Galt will establish your successful presence and get you ranking in the top three keywords within six months.

Growing Your Local Customer Base With Targeted Use of Google Places

Galt’s small business marketing experts have developed a pitch-perfect, tactical approach to developing client presence on Google Places. Our process includes:

• Google+ page buildout. We begin by building out your Google+ page to expand your social branding and empower new customer engagement.
• Establish your Google Places page. The long-term success of your Google Places page depends on the initial buildout. We build and optimize your page correctly and strategically.
• Spam check. Working with our Google team, we analyze your page for potential spam penalties—then remove any we find.
• Connecting to your site. To increase community interaction, which Google views favorably, we build a local page directly on your web site.
• Review strategy design. When customers give you good reviews, you move up in the Google Places rankings. We will establish a review process to drive those reviews, thereby helping you outperform competitors.
• Acquire location-specific citations. Finally, we build out Name, Address, and Phone Number profiles (NAP), and achieve 30,000 citations for each location.

Turning Around an Existing, Low-Performance Page

If you have an existing Google Places page that is not ranking well, Galt can help. Poor ranking in Google Places is typically due to either inadequate optimization or penalties that have been attached to your location. Removing a penalty can take anywhere between three months to a year, but it is well worth it.

With Galt, you will receive only the highest-grade links from reputable sites within your industry. We do exhaustive research to ensure maximum quality and results for you.

How will your business benefit from successful positioning in Google Places? Contact our tech-savvy experts to find out.


We can't wait to get your the results you've been wanting.

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