Harness the Power of Mobile Marketing and Enjoy Maximum ROI

Our consultant marketing allows you to capitalize on today’s fast-growing mobile market. More than ever before, a strong mobile presence is critical to SEO success. But if you’re like most business leaders, you have invested in a quality desktop website that does not translate to the mobile audience. Catering to this growing mobile audience is a top priority for Google, which now rewards businesses that can satisfy this market. Translation: Google is making mobile marketing very cheap. It also converts much better than desktop traffic—at an average of 67 percent—making it a must for successful marketing

Increase Clicks Now With Galt’s Proven Mobile Marketing Process

Industry analysts know that local and mobile marketing will soon be king, and that the old PC approach is headed the way of the phone book. With Galt’s tailored consultant marketing service and up-to-the-minute tech knowledge that drives your success, you can enjoy the clear benefits of this exciting new marketing opportunity.

• Mobile website development. Using the new HTML 5, Galt will build your mobile website so that it can be enjoyed across all platforms, including pads, smartphones, and more. As with all our website development, we employ spiderable, W3C clean code to improve search performance.
• Search Engine Optimization. To insure your site ranks first on all mobile platforms and brings the customer straight to you, our consultant marketing strategies will optimize the site for search engines and conduct extensive conversion optimization.
• Geotargeting. We will build your local presence along with your Google Places success by geotargeting your mobile website and integrating it with your places. The result: better conversion for both mobile and places customers.
• PPC linking. Your consultant marketing team will then match the new mobile marketing website with a custom-built mobile PPC campaign, increasing conversions and clicks for maximum success.

Are you ready to capitalize on the booming mobile marketing sector? Drive new, quality traffic to your business by contacting a Galt Strategies consultant marketing expert today.’s fast-growing mobile market. More than ever before, a strong mobile presence is critical to SEO success and sales. Unfortunately, most quality desktop websites do not translate to the mobile audience correctly. There are rich rewards for any businesses that can cater to this growing mobile audience.


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