Galt Has Grown 50+ Companies That Want To Experience Hyper Growth

Galt Strategies provides customized CRM software, marketing strategies, and operation processes for companies that want to experience hyper growth and become a long term successful company.

Below is one example of how their processes helped a company and how they became of the fastest growing companies in the nation. In 2015, before joining forces with Galt Strategies, a company in Dallas, TX was only able to set 15-20 in-home presentations per month, which led to an average of  5-10 monthly installations. This brought their average monthly revenue to $60,000. Galt Strategies has since grown 12 + water filtration companies nationwide.

This company began working with Galt Strategies to promote their service so that they could reach more homes and increase their number of monthly goals. Galt worked with them to develop a strategy that focused on two main principles: scalability and profitability.


After the hyper growth strategy was developed and implemented, the results began to come in. With the help of Galt Strategies, the company went from:

• $1M to $8M in gross sales within two years.
• The company grew from 8 to 70 employees.
• It was able to achieve an 80% employee retention.
• The company sees a 45% average close rate, once visiting a home.

These accomplishments led them being named the fastest growing companies of 2017 and 502 fastest growing small business by Inc. Magazine and have been named the 14th best place to work at in the Dallas/Ft Worth area. They were able to accomplish this by creating customized strategies, implementing them, and creating a life giving and purpose driven culture for company.

If you want to learn more about how Galt Strategies grew this company and many more like it in this industry then please message us below!

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We can't wait to get your the results you've been wanting.

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