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Business Consulting for Small Business Requires Financial Expertise

A deep understanding of your current financial position and future potential is a vital component of your business success. Galt Strategies’ financial consultants specialize in financial forecasting, capital formation strategies, and valuations to put your business on top both now and in the long run.

We do the heavy lifting for you in terms of research and analysis, freeing up your time to do what you do best: run your business effectively. Specifically, we are pleased to offer the following range of financial consulting services:

• Realistic Financial Projections: Also called a financial forecast or pro forma, a financial projection uses current sales and expense data to create a detailed picture of your business plan by the numbers. Investors and banks will want to see that you have a concrete financial plan—but it can be diffi cult to put together without expert help. Your Galt Strategies consultant will crunch the numbers for you, creating a user-friendly forecast model that is custom built to suit your unique business needs.
• Strategic Capital Formation Consulting: Every start-up depends on investor support to get off the ground. But aside from the usual suspects, where should you look for the right investors for your business? Galt financial specialists can help you strategize new growth opportunities for capital formation, identifying and evaluating appropriate angel investors, venture capitalists, loans, and more.
• Informed Valuation Estimates: In business finances, knowledge is power. Understanding your raw business value will be especially useful when it comes time to invest, sell, or merge your business. As a knowledgeable third party expert, we supply business owners with estimates they can trust.

Maintaining a realistic, informed awareness of your business’s financial well-being is an important ingredient to long-term success.


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