Internet Marketing Consultant Specialty: Strategic E-mail Marketing

An engaging e-mail campaign is one of the cornerstones of a successful marketing plan. E-mail provides businesses with an incredibly easy way to connect with customers, build relationships, and drive broader brand awareness—but it is only as successful as the writing and strategy behind it. When executed well, an e-mail campaign can prove one of the best returns on your marketing investment.

Navigating the E-mail Marketing Process for Maximum Success

Your Galt Strategies team specializes in e-mail campaign development. In addition to creating engaging, action-oriented copy and a strategic rollout plan, we help you overcome the many obstacles that exist in the complex world of e-mail marketing, including Spam Traps, List Quality, SPAM Act requirements, List management (e.g. bounces, removes, etc.), and tracking.

Our white-hat approach ensures the most effective campaign possible, and achieves the following goals:

• Improve customer relations. Regularly distributed e-mail newsletters are one of the most inexpensive ways to drive brand loyalty and keep consumers in the know. Additionally, our proficiency in avoiding spam filters will ensure that you reach the greatest amount of people possible.
• Increase market reach. E-mail newsletters turn your current customers into free advocates for you—as they forward your news and special promotions, their friends become your customers. Our innovative tactics will also help you convert those interested prospects into regular subscribers, aka new customers
• Save money on printing and postage.

Compared to print marketing, e-mail marketing provides a much more robust ROI. Postage and paper printing costs become a thing of the past, as you harness the power and cost-efficiency of the Internet.

The e-mail inbox really is the most attractive piece of real estate on the web. Isn’t it time you put your best foot forward in this critical, growth-oriented direction? Give Galt Strategies a call to find out how we can make sure your e-mail marketing campaign accomplishes all that and more.


We can't wait to get your the results you've been wanting.

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