Progressive Business Consulting Services for Long Term Business Success

When we take you on as a client, your business becomes our business-your success, our success. In fact, we are so dedicated to each client that we only work with two or three businesses at a time. This level of focus on your business systems enables us to truly customize your solutions and make what seems like a bold guarantee: 100 percent growth. In our business, that guarantee is just a reality

Turnaround Consulting

• Increase profit margins
• Increase marketing & sales
• Maximize productivity

Market Research and Analysis

• Market research & analysis
• Industry research & analysis
• Competitor research & analysis

Business Coaching & Mentoring

• Learn new strategies to achieve your goals
• Get control of your business
• Increase the enjoyment of owning a business

Financial Projections & Analysis

• Financial projections, analysis & strategy
• Capital formation strategy
• Financial risk analysis & management

Strategic Planning

• Provides a guide for decisions and actions throughout the year
• Keeps goals, objectives & accountability in focus
• Provides a new perspective on your business

Exit Planning

• Develop stand-alone systems to function in your absence
• Maximize cash flow and valuation
• Identify exit opportunities via acquisition by third party or
transfer to insiders

Business Planning, Strategy & Execution

• Business plan consulting
• Market research & analysis
• Operations & process improvement

Company Valuation Consulting

• Startup valuations
• Merger / acquisition valuations
• FAS 141/142 valuations

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An unbiased expert analysis may very well be the only thing standing between you and your big picture goals. Contact one of our consulting experts today to learn more about how Galt Strategies can help your business grow by 100 percent, guaranteed.


We can't wait to get your the results you've been wanting.

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