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The Galt Approach to Linking Optimization

Relevant links that come from your online industry neighborhood are a must in any comprehensive online marketing plan. Used effectively, they can drive more quality traffic to your site.

Most web sites, however, are very behind in terms of successful linking and on-page optimization. The good news is that this likely holds true for your competitors. Your competition is most probably using links ineffectually, thanks to incorrect site structure and lack of knowledge of linking strategy. They may also have spammed Google and bought multiple links. As part of our work with you, we will identify issues like those and report them, effectively driving competitor traffic to you.

Another challenge is that not only are good links difficult to get—they must also come from trusted sites. Google penalizes companies that take shortcuts by buying links—and those penalties will actually transfer to your site if you get a link from one. That’s why it is very important to research any web site you link to, or that you allow to link to you.

With Galt, you will receive only the highest-grade links from reputable sites within your industry. We do exhaustive research to ensure maximum quality and results for you.

To begin the process of optimizing your links—and ultimately increasing traffic to your site—get in touch with the expert Galt team today.


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