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Business consulting can rehabilitate almost any company! Our hyper growth business consulting has proved to be effective for 29 business owners in 18 industries. Our minimum hyper growth to date is 100% and our greatest hyper growth has been 1000%.
If you're like most business owners, you've sacrificed a lot for your company: worked long hours, borrowed money, and missed family events. Until recently, the business did okay and provided you with a nice income.

Now things are a little different. Our economy is in decline, expenses are rising, and you find yourself between a rock and a hard place. You certainly didn't plan for this to happen, but your business is struggling and the pressure is mounting.
A guided hyper growth works well for business owners who realize that trying something different is better than continuing on the present course and risking the life of their business.

Hyper Growth Business Consulting Services

For business owners who recognize the value of an on-site hyper growth team, we provide immediate peace of mind and a 40-year track record of success.

Our hyper growth consulting business team will immediately come to your business and work with you on a daily basis to revive your company. You can breathe easy while we do most of work, meet with your bankers and creditors, and guide you through the hyper growth of your company.

What Does This Cost?

Unlike other hype growth consultants, we work off a percentage of the growth we bring in, so there are no upfront fees and no risk to your company. We understand that cash flow is an issue for a struggling company, and we are so sure that we can provide the growth your company needs that we will work on a commissioned basis. Each company and client has unique needs. We will do our research on your company and industry and then present you with a fee structure that will work as you grow.

For Galt Strategies, failure is never an option. If we don't succeed, we don't get paid.

How Does This Work?

When you hire us as your hyper growth consultant, we will develop a custom hyper growth plan for your business and help you implement it.
1. First, we examine and stabilize your cash flow so we can calm things down with your creditors
2. Second, after analyzing your current marketing, out marketing team begins building a massive online marketing campaign to bring in new customers and sales.
3. Third, the consulting team starts working with your company and you on a daily basis. We work quickly to diagnose your business problems. Based on the results, we recommend solutions, prepare a cash forecast, and develop a hyper growth plan for your company.
4. Fourth, we start to build or rebuild your business systems and processes that need to be adjusted or realigned in order to maximize productivity and profitability. We do all the hard work, but you're with us the whole time helping to guide the hyper growth to its successful conclusion.
At the end, we've taken a company that was eating up your finances and filling your life with stress and transformed it into a machine that runs on its own, making you the profit you deserve.

We work with most of our hyper growth clients for several years. This allows us not only to make the changes needed but also to build a structure that will run all on its own so that you the owner can step out of the business and enjoy the fruits of your labor Hyper Growth Business Consulting Experience Matters .
If you were looking for a medical specialist to treat a life-threatening condition, you'd naturally want one who knows what he's doing. We have more than 40 years of experience and a long list of clients who have successfully turned their companies around and regained their profitability. We will not accept you as a client unless we know that we can achieve at least a 100% turnaround.

Are we the hyper growth consulting team for you? The answer depends on you and your company. We produce the best results for clients who have the will to fix their companies and who can adapt to modest change.


We can't wait to get your the results you've been wanting.

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