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As you probably know, social media marketing is a must when it comes to building brand and product success. Creating and maintaining a massive following brings you a steady stream of new leads, as potential clients become unhappy with their current vendors and find you instead. The challenge is that, while anyone can set up a free account, using these accounts effectively is its own challenge. Our marketing consultants specialize in building and running a campaign that can increase sales in every other area of the plan by 15–25 percent.

Galt Strategies’ Social Media Marketing Campaigns Spur Growth

From initial build-out and optimization to ongoing maintenance and weekly interaction with followers, Galt’s expert marketing consultants team will drive social media marketing with success from start to finish.

We are experts in growing your presence on each of the following platforms:

• Facebook. This popular site builds brand awareness by targeting niche markets and opening up the doors to new customers. It also increases loyalty by enabling relationships with existing customers.
• Google+. Marketing consultants create and optimize a page here to help build awareness with new and existing customers alike. Importantly, this will also increase your Google organic SEO and Local SEO.
• Twitter. With posts limited to 140 characters or less, this social media marketing platform helps businesses build awareness, educate customers, increase SEO, and attract a niche market following.
• Pinterest. Using this bulletin board-inspired platform gives businesses the opportunity to build awareness, educate potential customers, drive SEO, and develop a niche market following.
• LinkedIn. Through this professional networking site, marketing consultants from our team help businesses build awareness, educate others on their brand and products, and build relationships with new and potential customers in a targeted niche market.

Managing any of these social media marketing accounts comes with its own set of challenges, but investing in them all is key to success today.

Find out how Galt marketing consultants can save you time and people power—while achieving real deliverables—by contacting one of our marketing consultants now.


We can't wait to get your the results you've been wanting.

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