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Every day, businesses with exceptional services and well-crafted sales copy miss out on hundreds of calls for one simple reason: new customers cannot find them in keyword searches.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important tools in your marketing box, but to do it well requires a highly precise structure that most web sites do not have. While a site rebuild is no easy task, the results are powerful: As a Galt client, your site will rank in the top three positions for thousands of related, traffic-driving keywords.

Galt’s Expert Website Build-outs Drives SEO Success

The single most effective way to improve your marketing and search engine optimization is to build out your website structure. A granular, keyword targeted silo structure will allow your website to rank for thousands of keywords. We specialize in search engine optimization of business web sites through the following steps:

• Site buildout. We retool sites for optimum structure, with a deep understanding of the World Wide Web Consortium guidelines (W3C), HTML5 coding, and search engine searchability.
• Page optimization. All 2,000–2,500 pages of your new site receive a thorough on-page enhancement.
• Attaching keywords to PPC. Taking a targeted approach, we attach each keyword-optimized page to the corresponding PPC ad group, making for much higher conversion rates.
• Local page development. We build and attach your Google Places presence for maximum exposure.
• Link campaign. Focusing on your industry and online neighborhood, we provide you with a targeted link campaign for continued growth.

This unique process sets Galt apart from other consulting marketing agencies, which typically pursue just two or three of the top keywords because they do not want to spend the time it takes to rank all of them. They cite success by flooding your page with purchased links that have those top keywords in the anchor text. But this method is short-sighted and will actually lose traffic for you in the long run.

With Galt, you get the powerful results you want now, and the long-term success you deserve.

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