Building Self-Sustaining Companies That Finance Their Owner’s Dreams

Galt Strategies is a consulting firm that was established to come alongside owners and companies to overcome challenges that are limiting them from reaching their full potential. Galt has over 20 years of hyper growth experience and provides tailored growth strategies for each client they work with while creating a life giving and purpose driven culture.


Our goal is to turn your company into a profitable, self-sustaining machine that will run on it's own while you, the owner, retire in burmuda

See Crystal Clear Concepts featured on Inc. 5000 where Galt created a 1,010% growth in three years.

How Our Turnaround Strategies and Business Consulting Drive Your Success

Our business consulting strategy is innovative and effective. The entire Galt Strategies team partners with your company to examine the business systems and workflow processes that are currently in place. This in-depth analysis allows us to determine what is holding the company back from profitability and what type of repositioning is needed. From there, we develop and implement new systems and processes to drive further success.


For more than 20 years, Galt Strategies turnaround experts have been creating a sustainable new future for companies that are on the verge of bankruptcy or that otherwise need help achieving the next level in growth and profit.

Unlike most business consulting companies, we work off a percentage of the profits we bring in as opposed to incurring hourly fees. At Galt Strategies, failure is simply not an option. Galt Strategies business consulting and marketing experts can turn your business around, driving you toward the long-term success that inspired you to get into business in the first place.

Meanwhile, as maximum profitability is being achieved, Galt’s marketing team simultaneously builds the company’s online presence for complete industry domination. The result is a business made over for long-term success, with refreshed, re-strategized systems, a robust marketing plan, and a sustainable growth process.


Building Self-Sustaining Companies That Finance Their Owners' Dreams.

You’ve built your company from the ground up, creating success and overcoming obstacles from the very beginning. Now you’re ready to take business to the next level—to create a strategy for long-term success that leaves your legacy strong, while providing you the exit strategy you need to retire in style.

But a variety of conditions conspire against business owners to make that seem impossible. Perhaps you’re facing bankruptcy, or maybe you’re just too tied to the company to dream of leaving for a week, let alone to retire.

At Galt Strategies,we can turn your company into a profitable, self-sustaining machine that will run on its own while you, the owner, retire in Bermuda…or wherever your dreams maytake you.


We can't wait to get you the results you've been wanting.

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